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Traditionally, the first and the finest grapes of the Classic Garda harvest are intended for the production of the wine known as Chiaretto. The vinification technique, invented in ancient times and encoded for the first time by the Venetian Senator Pompeo Molmenti, who used to go to Moniga del Garda, received a precise legislation in 1962 by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Bresciani Doc. This wine was among the first in Italy to be awarded  the recognition of the Controlled Denomination of Origin on 21 July 1967. A partial contact of the must with the vinasse is essential to extract the colour and some basic substances which distinguish the Chiaretto wine. If the contact time is too short, the wine is bland and incomplete, while the colour is not well defined. If the contact time is exceeded even for a moment, the wine acquires a reddish impersonal colour, excessively winey, with no special features.
Clearly, man should be able to grasp the "fleeting moment" to separate the must from the skins: this varies from year to year according to the season and the level of ripeness and health of the grapes. Only few other production processes require man's crucial sensitivity, which must apply technology as art: only an ancient tradition permitted the development of this process over time; without it, the subsequent technical contributions, though refined and modern, would not have reached the goals set. The modern winemaking techniques and in particular a careful use of temperature control during fermentation, brings out the intense and specific aroma including in particular the fresh fruity taste. This wine gets its specific velvety nature that is grasped in the first mouth feel from the generous alcohol (favoured by the selection of the best grapes and winemaking technique), and goes well with the slight hint of bitter almond with a tangy taste in the last mouth feel due to the presence of salts that the soil is able to yield to the vine and the grapes in this area only. This typical and unique rose wine derives from the balanced components, the wide range of aromas and the composite and refined flavours.
The typical Chiaretto features are at their best during the first year after harvest, especially from the end of February to the end of summer. The ideal serving temperature for this wine is quite low 10-13 degrees, which is perfect for the summer period. Ideal for every meal, this wine can be served with every dish and be intensified with starters, undemanding white meat, fish of the sea and of course - by tradition - of the lake.

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