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Cantine Scolari - wines from Lake Garda

Cantine Scolari have been a reference of quality and respect for tradition in the winemaking world of Valtenesi since 1929. Over the years, we have received numerous awards not only for the quality of our wines but also for diversifying our product range to satisfy an ever-growing and increasingly more demanding clientele.
For almost a century, we have been able to interpret the times and make the best choices to guarantee quality and care in every stage of winemaking, from selecting the grapes, to choosing the vinification techniques, to the moment the product arrives in the cellars.

A new approach

The Erian winery redefines the essence of Cantine Scolari on tiptoe, with great respect for the long tradition but investing in the most modern techniques.

The result is a happy association between the most up-to-date technological discoveries, the entrepreneurial passion in the world of wine and the respect for the land and its rhythms. Overcoming the traditional concept of the cellar so that Cantine Scolari becomes a welcoming and tasting space but also a hotbed of innovative ideas.

The Region

The love for Valtenesi and Lake Garda in the products we work with passion.


A voice of summer, light-hearted joy, freshness.


Talk about our Garda and dreams that come true


It tells a family story, tables set for meals, of sharing, and smiles.

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Cantine Scolari is not just wines: it is an experience that we want to share with you