The Winery

The family history is rooted in the mists of time: pontiffs and military leaders in the Middle Ages, settling in the “de Scolaris” fief, in the Brescia area as early as the fifteenth century.

The passion for winemaking came to the fore early in the last century, in 1929, when Pietro turned his love of the land and its fruits towards wine production. A story of sentiment and an enduring union between the people who live in this district. A story intertwined with that of Valtenesi and Lake Garda, a terroir of prestigious vines. Years of history in Groppello, Chiaretto, Lugana.
Soc. Agr. Erian and Cantina Bottenago have reshaped the structure of Cantine Scolari without losing sight of its essence: love of the land, of the vineyards, of the wine. The new mission is to project this space into the future while treasuring tradition, respecting the cycles of Nature to ensure quality, flanking venerable methods with the most modern production and processing systems, from work in the rows to bottling. Innovation is the key, respecting the values that have made Cantine Scolari a benchmark in the development of a new scenario that cultivates concepts and a contemporary approach.

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